Chicago Pride Bowling League

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Week 29 Recap.pdf

Week 29 Results-Championship Round

Notable performances

Team Handicap Series 3533 Racked with Remorse

Team Scratch Game 1017 Appt Only Salon

Scratch Game 246 Tim Mullet

Scratch Series 711 Chris Casson

Scratch Game 177 Karen Steenstrup

Handicap Series 688 Darlene Avalos and Jennifer Brewer

Cobra Kai Summer 2023.pdf

Cobra Kai Summer Ball League

Waveland Bowl-See Flyer for Information 

About Chicago Pride League

Chicago Pride Bowling League has a rich tradition of community involvement, while having fun! We are the largest LGBTQ+ bowling league in the Midwest. 

Where We Bowl-Waveland Bowl

We bowl on Fridays starting at 6:30PM from September to Mid April with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's holidays off. 

Happy Bowlers from Week 22

Holiday Party December 16th 2022

Past Weekly Results from 2022-23 League Season 

Week 1 Recap.pdf

Week 1 Results

Week 2 Recap DRAFT.pdf

Week 2 Results

Week 3 Recap.pdf

Week 3 Results

Week 4 Recap.PDF

Week 4 Results

Week 5 Recap.pdf

Week 5 Results

Week 6 Recap.pdf

Week 6 Results

Week 7 Recap.pdf

Week 7 Results

Week 8 Recap.pdf

Week 8 Results

Week 9 Recap.pdf

Week 9 Results

Week 10 Recap.pdf

Week 10 Results

Week 11 Recap.pdf

Week 11 Results

Week 12 Recap.pdf

Week 12 Results

Week 13 Recap.pdf

Week 13 Results

Week 14 Recap.pdf

Week 14 Results

Week 15 Recap.pdf

Week 15 Results

Week 16 Recap.pdf

Week 16 Results

Week 17 Recap.pdf

Week 17 Results

Week 18 Recap.pdf

Week 18 Results

Week 19 Recap.pdf

Week 19 Results

Week 20 Recap.pdf

Week 20 Results

Week 21 Recap.pdf

Week 21 Results

Week 22 Recap.pdf

Week 22 Results

Week 23 Recap.pdf

Week 23 Results

Week 24 Recap.pdf

Week 24 Results

Week 25 Recap.pdf

Week 25 Results

Week 26 Recap.pdf

Week 26 Results

Week 27 Recap.pdf

Week 27 Results

Week 28 Recap.pdf

Week 28 Results

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